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The Dog Spa Services

The Dog Spa by District Dogs specializes in luxury dog grooming near you. Enjoy our bath and brush service or a full cut and style for your pup. Our professional groomers pamper your pet with the best pet spa experience.

Bath and Brush Service

Say goodbye to the stress of home bath time with The Dog Spa by District Dogs! Our professional groomers ensure a deep, relaxing clean for your pup, keeping them calm and safe. Enjoy a clean dog without the hassle of chasing a wet pet around your home.

What's included?

Bath and Brushes typically take 1-2 hours.

Cut and Style Service

Transform your pup’s look with District Dogs at The Dog Spa. Our professional dog groomers begin each session with a moisturizing massage and bath, followed by a precise cut, drying, and styling. We include gentle ear cleaning, gland expression, and nail trimming and grinding. Every visit concludes with a stylish District Dogs bandana or bow, ensuring your dog struts down the sidewalk in unmatched style!

What's included?

Cut and Styles typically take 3-4 hours.

The Ultimate in Pet Pampering

At The Dog Spa, we offer an extensive range of additional services to create the perfect spa day for your dog. Our expert groomers provide custom treatments for itchy skin and dry paws, along with teeth brushing and flea baths. Located near you, we’re dedicated to ensuring your dog looks and feels their best with our top-notch dog grooming services.

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