Meet our groomers

The Dog Spa by District Dogs Team


Alisa is a certified Canine Esthetician; she utilizes luxury products, top-of-the-line, cutting-edge tools, techniques, science, and technology catered to every dog’s breed, coat type, condition, and temperament.


She aims for the highest quality and lowest stress experience. She can do breed standard cuts, proper double coat care, hand stripping, cording, coat carving, and custom-designed cuts and trims. Alisa has worked in boutique salons her entire career, is an NDGAA member, and is working towards her master groomer certification. In addition, she’s certified in senior and special needs dogs and Fear Free Certified!


Beyond grooming, she owns a small hobby farm with alpacas, chickens, and two goldendoodles. “Animals are not a job, and they are my passion.” She’s lived in the DC area and is holistically focused. You can find her traveling, hiking, being outdoors, reading, farming, and building things in her spare time. Her IG handle is @dmvgroomer.



Myeshia has been grooming for 10+ years now. Her favorite part of grooming is bonding and creating authentic relationships with pet parents to cultivate the best plans for healthy coats and skincare! She loves to promote healthy hair care and cuts for pets to ensure they receive the best styling for their individual needs. She is passionate about sculpturing dog’s hair with my scissoring techniques to let my talent and precision shine. She loves listening and singing to music to pass the time and bond with the dogs while she grooms!


Taylor has been grooming dogs and cats for a total of 15 years! Born and raised in Florida, Taylor has a Master’s Grooming Certification from the Florida Academy of Pet Grooming. She has groomed pets in multiple states, including California, Washington, Utah, and Florida. Taylor loves her job, and her favorite breed is Yorkies! You can find her out in nature hiking when she’s not working. 



Alley has been grooming for 7 plus years. She has worked with animals her whole life, starting with volunteering at cat adoptions and local animal shelters. She got her grooming education through PetSmart’s grooming academy right after high school. She has also been a vet assistant and worked in both ER and clinical vet offices. She specializes in double coats, as she has two beautiful huskies of her own. Her favorite part of the job is to connect and bond with every pup on her table. She enjoys educating pet parents on proper at-home care because it’s so important in the dog’s life and for their health. Outside of grooming, you’ll find her hanging out with her dogs, playing video games and trading card games, going to concerts, and swimming every chance she gets!


Britney began her grooming journey in her home country of the US Virgin Islands, where she was initially self-taught. She moved to the DMV area when she turned 17 and got certified to groom by the PetSmart Grooming Academy and has been professionally grooming for six years now. She describes herself as a very efficient groomer and loves grooming all breeds of dogs.